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Tank Guide

Office ProGuard Tank Insurance: Relax, tank releases are very unusual, but they do occur in tanks underground, aboveground, and even in the basement. We've all read stories about tank problems that costs tens of thousands of dollars to clean up. And though most tank problems aren't this severe, they can create great financial hardships for homeowners. That's why thousands of oil consumers choose ProGuard.

ProGuard is coverage for your oil tank that protects you against the problems associated with a release from an Underground Storage Tank or an Above-ground Storage Tank. It gives you all the peace of mind you deserve when you heat with oil — the safe, economical and efficient source of warmth. And it assures that any problems will be handled in a way that protects the environment as well.

ProGuard features: coverage of cleanup costs resulting from a tank release; a low deductible for underground and aboveground tanks; an allowance for tank repair or replacement prompt; cleanup by expert, licensed professionals in the event of a covered release; and the ability to transfer the agreement to a subsequent homeowner. The Pro-Guard Service Agreement and your Powderhorn representative can give additional details. Click here to learn more:

Office Tank Maintenance - A systematic oil tank maintenance program can provide efficent and reliable system performance. There are two oil tank maintenance programs: SludgeGuard, an anti-sludging treatment applied at each delivery. And GelGuard, an anti-gelling treatement also applied at the time of each delivery. Each is priced at $89.04 for an entire year. Click here to register.

Office Tank Cleaning - A dirty oil tank can cause a host of service failures as well as dramatically reduce your system's efficiency. But you don't have to suffer with these inconvenicies and losses. You can have your oil tank cleaned and serviced today. Jersey Oil will have a specially fitted tanker perform the filtering operation. This special equipment agitates the oil and repeatly cycles the oil thought the filtering system until all sludge, water, algae, dirt, and other foreign materials are safely removed. The waste product will be safety disposed accorrding to all environment regulations. You need to have at mimimal amount of oil in the tank. Please allow 2-3 business days for scheduling. The entire process takes several hours. We will need access to site to shut down your heating system. Tank Cleaning Pricing is as follows: - 275 Tank: $596.00 - 550 Tank: $716.00 - 1000 Tank: $882.00

Office Tank Testing - Need your tank tested? Jersey Oil can help. We provde both Boring Tests and Vacuum Tests. Boring Tests consist of a series of soil borings near the tank. Soil sameles are taken and those soil samples are tested. Vacuum Tests consists of sealing off the tank and apparatus, pulling a vacuum and testing for leakage. Theses test are generally recommended only for active tanks. Please consider tank abandonment or removal on oil storage tanks no longer in service.

Office Tank Abandonment - Jersey Oil provide both above-ground (AST) and underground (UST) oil tank remediation service. AST's (including basement tanks) are processed and removed. UST's can either be abandoned (sand or foam filled) in place or removed. (Special rules apply to some tanks over 2,000 gallons.) Call for pricing.

Office Tank Installation - With the many benefits of oil heat, it's nto wonder that so many homeowners and businesses are choosing to install new oil tanks. Today's tank technology is light years ahead of the tanks of yesteryear. Call today to find out about the latest in tank technolgy. Or click here to find out about Roth Tanks.

Office Tank Chart - Determine the number of gallons of fuel remaining in your tank. Chick here to view Tank Chart

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